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An Epic Day in Court for Pete and Ademo

Below is a write-up about Ademo and my first day of trial yesterday posted by our good friend Ian Freeman at FreeKeene.com. Yesterday the “state” rested. Hopefully today we’ll wrap-up with a favorable outcome. After all, there was no victim for our alleged actions.

WOW. Copblock and Liberty on Tour‘s Pete and Ademo went to trial today on felony “wiretapping” charges and “resisting arrest” in Greenfield, MA. (Click for extensive background info.) Over fifty supporters turned out! The courtroom was literally full with liberty-loving friends and associates of Pete and Ademo. Before trial, the “trespassing” charges were dropped, which was the original reason for arrest, but as we have seen, that never stops them from continuing prosecution.

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An Update: Our Activities Since Getting Off the Road

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Someone close to me just asked what’s going on at LOT. It’s an excellent question and one we should have addressed earlier, so here’s a brief run-down:

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