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Basket Brigade Exemplifies Civil Society

But who will take care of the poor [in the absence of government]?!

Such questions are often posted by those who haven’t through through a reality without a top-down, centralized bureaucracy that can only give to some what it takes from others. I don’t berate those who have such a knee-jerk reaction when they hear someone advocate for a world without institutions based on violence, after all, most people are exposed only to the religion of the State in gun-run schools and via the lamestream media. But think about it for a moment – how frugal or cost-effective would your expenditures be if you had unlimited access to everyone’s money (or could just print money out of thin air)? Not very. Or how likely would you be to learn from bad purchases? Not very.

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Hiroshima, Brought to You By Statism

On this date in the not too distance past, a man pushed a button while flying over a faraway city. Fifty thousand individuals below died. Within three months another 50,000 perished. Hiroshima, 1945.

Statism – believing badges grant extra rights and conflating legislation as law – was the cause. It’s just a bad idea, and bad ideas have bad consequences. Yes, the man who pushed the button is responsible for his actions (as are others involved) but would he have been thousands of miles from home pushing a button that released an atomic bomb if not for that bad idea?

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Food Not Bombs Saves Lives

PHOENIX, AZ – This past Sunday (just a couple short hours before Adam was arrested) we joined the good folks associated with Food Not Bombs Las Vegas who were providing food to people in need.

They group is doing great work. Yet as many of those featured in this video touch on, harassment from the police is common. A Google search of “Food Not Bombs arrest” results in over 500,000 results and in 2006, this particular chapter was targeted by local law enforcement. Its members were issued citations and threatened with arrest simply for feeding the homeless. Fortunately, they teamed up with the ACLU and recently the court ruled in their favor.

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Billion Dollar Company Taps Individual Charity

BOULDER, CO – Most of us know that if you want a fast, healthy meal for a reasonable price you can head to Panera, but what about getting the same meal for a suggested price?

That’s the business model at one of their locations in St. Louis and it seems to be working quite well. According to one employee we spoke with, 85-90% of customers give at or above the suggested price to pay it forward. Company higher-ups have commented that they plan to open two other locations in other cities in the coming months.

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