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Reponse to Weigel’s Slate.com article “Live Free or Move”

David Weigel’s piece Live Free or Move on Slate.com about Keene, NH’s pro-liberty community went live last night – I thought I’d share some related thoughts as Liberty On Tour was specifically mentioned and I was one of those interviewed.

(Full transparency – I first crossed paths with Dave maybe five years back when I worked in DC’s libertarian think tank world.)

I was happy to read Dave’s positive overview of the going-ons here – it never hurts when an outlet with as many readers as Slate.com helps to introduce more people to voluntaryism. Thanks Dave! That said, at times I found myself wishing that different words or examples were used to paint a more-accurate picture.

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Jason Talley On The Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund

Jason Talley, who partook in Motorhome Diaries with Pete and myself, is the managing director of the Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund (CDEvolution). An organization that – per its website, “works to restore freedom and support liberty by acting as a bridge between liberty activists and supporters. The fund works primarily in an administrative support function with volunteers to communicate directly with activists to ensure that they are supported and the event is a success.” We had the pleasure to reunite with Jason while in Grafton and took that opportunity to discuss CDevolution’s activists.

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NYPD Fears Plastic Mop Handles

On the way out of Keene,  I headed straight for Manhattan to join Andrew Voluntaryist Valish and others in a solidarity protest we’d organized and merged with several other egyptian-american protests. It was a rainy day, but approximately fifty protesters showed up. The local egyptian-american community was quite supportive of their native egyptians, though it was very nationalist. Besides the nationalist egyptian community, supporters were ideologically diverse, from one guy talking about the Illuminati, to anti-war activists, from Socialist Action, to us voluntaryists.

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An Update: Our Activities Since Getting Off the Road

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Someone close to me just asked what’s going on at LOT. It’s an excellent question and one we should have addressed earlier, so here’s a brief run-down:

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