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Pete Eyre Addresses Communication & Voluntaryism on the Justin Longo Show

Last week I had the opportunity to talk with my good bud Justin Longo about communication, voluntaryism, economics and the liberty movement.

Here’s the .mp3 from our convo.

As Justin wrote on his blog:

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Just Another Weekend in Keene

KEENE, NH – Ademo and I have been in Keene now for a couple of months. Among other things, we’ve made some changes to LibertyOnTour.com & CopBlock.org (and have more planned), done a lot of brainstorming and strategic thinking, Ademo is now blogging on FreeKeene.com, I helped start PrisonersForLiberty.com, we do “Don’t Take the Plea” outreach every Tuesday morning (other activists have Mon, Wed. and soon Thur. covered) and Free Keene TV is getting off the ground (props to JJ!).

Below are a few short Qik videos taken this weekend to give you an idea of the community that exists:

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An Update: Our Activities Since Getting Off the Road

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Someone close to me just asked what’s going on at LOT. It’s an excellent question and one we should have addressed earlier, so here’s a brief run-down:

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Free Ademo!

Earlier this week I posted this update about Ademo on Cop Block:

“The fact that people were getting arrested and jailed for acting out against the state, is what finally tipped me over in favor of moving to NH. I hope Ademo’s act of free speech and willingness to not cooperate with the state will inspire somebody else.”

Nicholas Kirkpatrick

The content on this post is organized into:

  1. Free Ademo! video
  2. Incident Summary
  3. How You Can Help
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Wrongly Arrested in 2009, LOT Set to Return to Jones County, MS

AUSTIN, TX – Last year when on the road with another project – Motorhome Diaries – Adam and I and our other colleague at the time, Jason Talley, were arrested when traveling through southern Mississippi by Jones County Sheriff’s Deputy James Atkins. Despite the passage of 16 months we have not yet been made whole from the rights-violations we suffered at the hands of Atkins and his colleagues, including Sheriff Alex Hodge, who, immediately after our wrongful arrests, issued public statements that essentially stated that he stood by the actions of his men.

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