UPDATE: Eyre and Freeman have themselves largely moved-on from LOT due to 1) the uncertainty caused by future court dates that made planning tours difficult, 2) time has been allocated to other projects such as, and, and 3) Eyre put MARV up for raffle in the spring/summer of 2012 However, collaborative tours that fit the LOT message are still solicited and welcomed. As such, donation/swag options have been stripped from this page.

Help advance the voluntary society by being part of Liberty On Tour’s instrumental on-the-ground crew. Think of yourself as part of the logistics and support team that keeps us moving and spreading the ideas of liberty.

We’re activists operating on a shoestring budget. If you like what we’re about and have a few bucks in your pocket please donate and help us help a bigger impact! You won’t find a better bang-for-your-buck. And if you want some of the badass gear below for yourself as a token of our appreciation, let us know.

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Dime card – $10

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Get a Liberty On Tour dime card to support our activities and own something that will grow in value (the dimes are pre-1965, which means 90% silver). If you ever decide to trade it for another good or service, you’ll expose another person to and reinforce the importance of sound money.

Learn more about these dimes and how to ascertain their value at For more, check out Murray Rothbard’s What Has Government Done to our Money?

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Enjoy our writing? Vote with your wallet and let us know!

We’ll give you a shout-out on the post and include a link to your own site. Or, if you prefer we’ll give some love to your favorite thinker, organization or piece of content. Just let us know in the comment box what you’d like highlighted.

This is a great way to inform others of your own work or that of others you think should be on their radar. And who knows, the post you sponsor or the link you include could have a life-changing impact for someone else.

T-shirt – $20

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Rock one of the badass t-shirts below to show your support of Liberty On Tour and what we stand for. It’s a great conversation starter, which is crucial, because at the end of the day the more we each internalize and stand up for our own rights the safer we all become. Black text on gold/yellow t-shirt.



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*As grows so too with the diversity of our t-shirts. If you have an idea for a t-shirt let us know. If we use it, we’ll hit you up and send you a few t-shirts of your choice.


Hoodie – $40

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Stay warm and be cool in this badass Gadsden flag hoodie.

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The front: Gadsden snake


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We have cameras and we know how to use them. The videos we produce provide transparency (and hence protection) & are a powerful educational tool to inform others of their rights and embolden them to stand up for what they know is right. Especially when the see this very real, supportive community.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your organization sponsor the Liberty On Tour video that goes viral? For a lone Benjamin (or $75 for an intro or $50 for an outro) you can! This translates into pennies per view to a target rich audience. See for yourself, over at

We’re out on the front lines standing for individual rights and questioning those who threaten or use force against peaceful people. By sponsoring a video you will help us keep this much-needed content going.

Other ways to help:

Give Us Suggestions!

At the end of the day we’re just two guys trying our best to encourage people to be both free and responsible. Like you, we have limited time, talent and treasure, so we rely enormously on story leads (timely in-the-news, historical incidents, etc.), contacts (folks we should interact with while in town) and suggestions (how we can improve the content we publish). If you can help us with any of those areas or have other ideas please let us know.

Spread the Word!

Share links to our website, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with those in your sphere. It only takes a second but being exposed to simple yet powerful idea of self-ownership can have a paradigm-shifting and life-changing impact. Especially for those who have only been confronted with pro-State rhetoric in government schools and via the mainstream media.

Distribute LOT business cards and quarter-sheets to those in your world.

Invite your friends and those active in your various organizations to join fellow lovers of liberty at the meetup in your town. Get active with some awesome people from your area and develop some lifelong connections. Check out this post Adam wrote about things point-people can do.

Post meetup-related text to your local Craiglist. Feel free to use or tweak the language below.

Come connect with fellow advocates of self-government!

Are you tired of BIG, invasive government? Do you believe that you know best how to run your life? How to spend your money? And how to learn from your own mistakes?

Join fellow free thinkers who believe that YOU own your life – that you have the right to act as you choose so long as you don’t initiate force against someone else. Connect with freedom-oriented activists and thinkers from your area just for the night or for future collaboration. And learn about organizations that can provide you with resources for your own development and to help you have a bigger impact.