Free State Friendship Tour

The Free State Friendship Tour is Liberty On Tour‘s latest project – this time we’re spreading freedom in the land of Live Free or Die – New Hampshire. Along the way we’ll connect with activists and get involved to make a positive difference.

Want to join us? We’re looking for a third crew member! Welcome Beau Davis!

Our ultimate goal is to grow and connect the area’s already-vibrant freedom-oriented community and to showcase all it has to offer for those who may be here in heart and mind but aren’t yet here in person. It’s the Free State Friendship Tour after all!

We have some activities and video ideas planned but if you have story suggestions hit us up! Especially those of you with local knowledge – you definitely know better than us what’s going down in your area and we’d love to hit the streets with you.

MARV, Ademo Freeman, Pete Eyre & Beau Davis.


*Each city is linked to Liberty On Tour’s Meetup Event on Facebook*

Greenfield, MA – May 16th-22nd
Grafton  – May 23rd-29th
Manchester – May 30th-June 5th
Seacoast – June 6th-12th
Keene – June 13th-19th
PorcFest – June 20th-26th

We’ll have a meetup the first day we arrive in each town (Monday) so we can spend the rest of the week pursuing provided leads. We hope to learn from you and will do our best to share what we’ve learned from others.

If you want to help fund this project check out our revamped Support page. Thanks in advance!

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