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This past week, while attending the Porcupine Freedom Festival (PorcFest) in Lancaster, NH, had the pleasure of interviewing Garland, Teresa and Stephanie of Fr33 What is Fr33 Aid? According it their website’s about page:

Fr33 Aid was created to help liberty activists organize projects that educate people about the value of mutual aid and lessen the burdens of government. Our main activity involves providing voluntary medical and educational services at liberty-related events.

We’re delighted that several medically-skilled liberty lovers have joined our team, including an MD, an MD student, a paramedic, a medical/surgical assistant, an occupational therapist, several nurses and EMTs.

Fr33 Aid launched in May 2011 when our team members began offering first aid and medical assistance to attendees of Free Keene Fest.  We also offer demonstrations to help educate people on different life saving techniques and engage in discussion about voluntary medical assistance.

Fr33 Aid is an all-volunteer charity organization that’s not affiliated with any government. We are currently pursuing US IRS recognition of non-profit status.

It’s refreshing to see people helping one another without man made regulation, the use of force or without using stolen funds. Fr33Aid is leading the way for others by encouraging, through action, folks to form alternative systems (or programs) to replace those monopolized (or severely regulated) by the state.

Click here to contact someone at Fr33Aid and here if you’d like to donate to their cause.


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