Nullify Now – Down to the Individual!

MANCHESTER, NH – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” – so says the tenth amendment to the us constitution. It should come as no surprise then, that the Nullify Now conference I attended last Saturday hosted by the LA-based Tenth Amendment Center aims to educate individuals disillusioned with the size and scope of the State about their right to work at the state, local or personal level to nullify immoral laws.

Though I (and others involved with LOT) don’t cite a piece of paper for evidence of or a safeguard to individual rights, it’s fair to say that many of those who attended the conference are part of the broad freedom movement. And many were surprisingly open-minded – interested in bringing about real change (not the more-of-the-same Obama-style “change” at the barrel of a gun) but advocating for increased individual freedom.

I usually strive to publish short videos (to get more eyes on the content) but in keeping with the pro-education theme of the event and its speakers, this video includes some longer segments from speakers (rather than just sound-bites) and clips of our interactions with conference protesters in the hope that it causes viewers who honestly believe they’re advocating for freedom to realize that establishing a “government” violates the rights of others.

If one’s end-goal is to maximize freedom (and with it prosperity, innovation, a plurality of ideas, etc.) then one can’t logically advocate for an institution whose actors can do things that would rightly be considered wrong and immoral for those not working for that institution. The constitution is not a magical elixir – it is a piece of paper that has either allowed for or failed to prevent the government that now exists. A return to it would only result in the same outcome.

It’s not a revolution we need but an evolution – so that the ideas of force and control are replaced by individual freedom and personal responsibility, one mind at a time.

Another purpose of this video is to address the misrepresentation of how conference-goers presented themselves. In one account a protester alleges that those attending the conference were “kooks” that shouted. I personally did not witness any hostile interactions and in fact, at the conclusion of conversations with those of differing views, shook hands with them. I know that if I’m not a good messenger then my ideas will not even be considered.

Much love to Michael Boldin and Byrce Shonka of the Tenth Amendment Center. Great crossing paths. And if you’re in Minneapolis, Austin or Los Angeles hit up the Nullify Now event coming to your town to network and communicate the ideas of complete liberty.


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  1. JDHoward March 23, 2011 at 6:10 pm #

    Huge Bravo! I love you guys and I should have been there. Excellent video, too. I am forwarding this page everywhere.

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