Derrick J at Liberty Forum

I will be presenting a showing of Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree at Liberty Forum this weekend in Nashua, New Hampshire. I hope you’ll join me and even buy a DVD. I’ll be signing copies all weekend at the FreeKeene table. Come and visit me there and we can talk about moving to Keene, civil disobedience, and other ways to live a more free life.

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Focussing on Peace News Now

I’ve been focussing on producing daily content for my new podcast and youtube channel Peace News Now. I haven’t been able to update this site as often because I’m concentrating my efforts on centralizing my location so that it’s easier for friends, family, and new fans to follow what I’m doing. For that purpose, I will be providing personal updates on my blog,, and I always have one daily video and podcast at Because I want it to be easier for people to find me, I am announcing here that I will no longer be providing regular updates to I will focus my time on PNN and LFOD & FR33MANTV (my youtube channel). I hope you have enjoyed following my journey out of jail and will follow me more in the future as I travel and visit different cities around the continent shining a spotlight on the civil disobedience and activism of others. May you enjoy watching my videos as much as I enjoy making them. Cheers!

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Subscribe to PNN!

I’ve been busy working on creating the ADAM VS THE MAN Newscast, and that’s going very well. I’m writing a lot of funny and informative content that I’m really proud of. I also just started a new project called Peace News Now. The idea is to cover stories of peaceful resistance around the globe and encourage more in the future. I’ve got a few episodes out already that I hope you’ll enjoy. Click here to subscribe to PNN on your favorite platform!

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How To Get BitCoin

What’s not to love about BitCoin? I use them in my daily life to trade for cannabis, car rides, food, or drinks. They’re divisible to the millionth decimal point and are free of transaction fees. Bitcoins are transferable online digitally or in person physically. But how do I get some? I made a video tutorial to guide new users (and a reference guide for the rest of us):

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